the last man on earth

the last man on earth

Dear friends of the past I hope you read this message I am the last man on earth. The land you know no longer exists, the lifestyle you lead has made all humans on the planet extinct.

Diseases grew stronger with their failed attempts to defeat them. Their bodies became weak from their machines and the land became uninhabitable because of their changes. Even though I'm the last human on the planet where I'm going, I feel that I'm not alone because I see traces of human civilization.

Like buildings destroyed by the vegetation that covered what was once a city, lots of dead animals trapped in what looks like the remains of a car and lots of garbage comes in from the sea. The animals were instincts and the ones that are left are struggling to survive the air is impure and the planet is warmer. Today I'm trying to replant a vegetable garden but the soil conditions make planting difficult.

image of  Myriam Zilles per Pixabay

I had a hard life and I am a survivor in many ways not only for being the last man on earth but also for surviving 2 wars. I was born in the countryside in a region that had no food, it was very difficult to get here.

Every day I try to contact by radio to see if I can find someone but unfortunately not to anyone I am the last man on earth. I believe you still have a chance to reconcile with nature and change the rumor of humanity between it being too late and me being the last man on earth.

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