they are among us

They are among us

They are in our midst within a future close enough to be distant. Humanity will be able to reach the utopia of immortality, we will be able to create the cloak of invisibility.

A technology that will be used in espionage and wars and the worst part is that they will create the time machine where they will be able to be Gods.

Altering the past and the present to his liking, the concept of past, present and future was over. The future will have immortal beings capable of controlling time and invisible beings. Maybe you've already bumped into one of them and don't even know it.

They are among us and they wear their invisibility suits that make them invisible. So they can kill people and alter the fate of history for their own benefit.

They gave the necessary teachings for the man of the past to build the pyramids in Egypt. In this way they moved time so that the allies would win the second world war. They even interfere with which species is extinct or not on our planet.

They are everywhere there is no way to prove their existence but they are the beings of the future who use us as a puppet for their experiments.

With a time machine they can time travel to any time they want. All events in the world are caused by them, it's like a secret society from the future that messes with decisions from the present that is their past.

Deaths and Disappearances without explanations don't happen by chance even more with people of power. Since they have a vision of the whole story and are able to make specific interventions to change the future.

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