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Positive home automation and security

recently the Positive Technology launched a new brand for the home automation market called Positivo Casa Inteligente. The new kits are not new on the market the positive tries to popularize the home automation market.

I would divide the products into 2 categories security and home automation. In security products there is a WIFI IP camera. Although it seems to be very similar to the ones we already have here in the Brazilian market with even more affordable prices.

Positivo Smart House – Safe House Kit

In the security category you have the Safe House Kit At first I thought it wasn't worth buying. However, seeing the features of the product more calmly on the website I changed my perception and maybe this kit could be the product that is most worth buying. But it also has the Connected Home Kit aimed at home automation with products that are easy to install.

At the Safe House Kit We have opening sensors for windows and doors, motion sensors and remote control to activate and deactivate the system if you don't want to use your smartphone. So this security system, unlike others, has internet access and notification on the smartphone and promises an easy installation without complications.

Positivo automation – Connected House Kit

Now let's talk about the kit that made me want to write this text the Connected Home Kit of home automation as it has a socket, a lamp and universal remote control.

Smart Plug

starting with the power plug I didn't like this product because there are few products that I see myself using one of these. So the examples that give the use of these devices are for rare cases like watering a plant or for cases that would have a better solution like a coffee maker. Anyway, it would be easier to buy a coffee maker that already has a timer instead of using this device.

Smart Universal Control

The second product of the kit is the universal control This is a product that I liked and plan to buy to test. Since I was looking for a remote control solution for my TV that also controls cable TV. Meanwhile, it also allows you to control air conditioning by eliminating that amount of remote control.

Smart LED

THE led lamp is the most common product has a price that is very affordable although it is not cheap and there are other similar products on the market that are cheaper. After all, it is RGB and has several color intensities and is fully programmable. Although I'm curious to know how it works in practice if it's accessible even when there's no internet.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to buying and testing this smart home kit and I hope they launch new products in this home automation context.

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