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Bingo Game Multiplayer and Javascript

A few years ago I started to create a bingo in c consisted of runtime bingo multiplayer game. However I created this game in order to improve my skills with the C language.

soon after having created the domino I decided to remake bingo using the same technology as domino. However the logic behind the game and front was the same as used earlier in c.

How does Bingo work?

However Bingo does not use a database and works in the server's memory in real time and the draws can be configured. In addition use the lib to communicate between game nodes where server controls the entire game.

In the game, the server draws 90 numbers, whoever completes the card and presses the bingo button first wins the game. However, if a player presses the bingo button without having completed the game over card.

The card has 24 numbers where each letter of the word bingo comprises a range of 18 numbers. In this sense, it will be necessary for the player to select the numbers drawn on the game card.

In this sense, the draws are carried out using Math.random() from javascript a function that generates random numbers the numbers are drawn every 5 seconds. However, the number when drawn emits a sound warning the player that he had a number drawn.

However, if a player enters in the middle of the game, he receives the numbers drawn on the game's number roulette. With these numbers you can check card numbers to see if the number has already been drawn.

Who is the Game for?

Furthermore the game is creative commons for all programming beginners who want to learn the code in practice. In addition, the game is very simple, it doesn't have many complexities in the code, anyone can modify and create their own versions of the game.

I recommend using the game for educational purposes and at charity events it is easy to install and modify the game for the purposes mentioned above.

Next steps

The next steps of the project are to add access to a persistent database, redo the bingo layout and other changes. In summary, I also want to put the project on the air and maybe put a payment system in the future.

Anyway, I don't know when I'll go from the sequence on this project, it could be tomorrow, next week or even next year but if one day I continue the project I'll write here again.

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