IPTV Customer Manager

I recently posted iptv customer on my GitHub a new php package that complements the channel manager iptv-channels. This package manages customer related data like url, plans and etc.

This package is to distribute the channels directly to the customer, just choose the groups of channels that will be distributed. However each client has a url which has the following format : @ /client/m3u8/.

Image shows an example of customer list in iptv-customers module.
Customer List - print 10/15/2021
Image shows the customer iptv page with its main fields which are name, username, hash and plan;
Customer - Print 10/15/2021

In the previous image we have the customer page where the “hash” field is found, this field is used to access the customer's url. In this sense, each customer can be associated with a plan that defines the list of kennels for each customer.

Image shows the iptv plan list page.
List of Plans - Print 10/15/2021
The image shows the plan page where it is possible to associate groups of iptv channels to the plan.
Plan - Print 10/15/2021

In the previous image we have the plan page this is the most important page of this package because it makes reference to iptv-channels linking channel groups to the plan. In addition, this page contains price and additional plan, these 2 fields are not being used and may be in future implementations.

This package is available at github and not packagist.org to install just type the command below in the root of your laravel package. However, if you have any doubts, suggestions, complaints or any type of request, do not hesitate to contact us.

composer require felipemateus/iptv-customers

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