IT: 4 reasons why you shouldn't work with IT

A little over 1 year ago I wrote a text talking about 5 reasons to study IT. time has passed and today I write another side. Not everything is rosy in the world of technology there is a certain exaggeration when talking about salaries and job opportunities. Because nobody talks about what really happens and why wages are too high. 

However, there are 2 views today among programmers about what is happening in the IT market, one is that of those who are entering the market and has the feeling of being a bubble of not having enough vacancies for all professionals. However, the other view is that of professionals with more time in the market who feel that there is little qualified and experienced professional.

Technological innovations create new technologies and new consumption habits faster than society can absorb them. in this sense It brings us to our first item which is the pressure that IT professionals are under.

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The shortage of IT professionals is something already known and one of the reasons that attract interest in this area. However, professionals who work with IT are overloaded. We suffer from the pressure to deliver in super short deadlines, pressure from technological evolution, pressure from the shortage of professionals.

In this sense, there is so much pressure that professionals suffer today that justifies salaries being so high. This pressure is so much that when you're not studying, coding or in meetings, it makes you wonder if working is all we should do in life.

The pressure to produce more and more causes it to produce less and less. It's called a name burnout an increasingly common disease in the market that demands more and more.

IT professionals are most affected by burnout it is estimated that 80% of IT professionals have already suffered or are suffering some type of attrition. This is a serious problem and because of wear and tear, most professionals are looking for better working conditions or are thinking about leaving the profession. 

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lack of regulation 

Said in the post about the 5 reasons to study information technology that the lack of regulation is a good reason to study technology. But this is also a problem and in that I envy the lawyers who have their profession completely regulated.

The problem with the lack of regulation is that it allows anyone to work with technology even without having the necessary qualifications, bringing another problem with salaries.

Salaries are also influenced by regulations, as regulations define what a full and senior person needs to know and the salary floor for each position. obviously a programmer of a common and popular language like php will not have the highest salary, but today if you look on linkedin there are full positions that pay almost the same as junior.

As well as how many years of experience or what other qualifiers a programmer needs to have or do to be a senior this regulation also needs to say. Because we have programmers with several years of experience and feel that they do not advance in the area.

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With you everything changes a lot

Technology is an area where everything changes very fast new technologies emerge and turn upside down if you are looking for stability this is not your area. What you learn at the beginning of college when you finish is already outdated so tech college is not worth it.

Yet new projects and frameworks popping up every day and artificial intelligence algorithms that surprise for better and for worse. However, one hour may stabilize, but I don't think that will happen, this is a continuation of the technological acceleration that we had in the last century.

Those who work with IT only work and study and don't have time to do other things. It's an area that demands a lot and depreciates quickly.

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The dissatisfaction of IT professionals

Another thing that doesn't mention is the fact that the professional is dissatisfied with the IT area, these dissatisfactions make professionals change companies all the time. In addition, dissatisfaction is caused by several reasons: the relationship between salary and company expectations, lack of resources, Inflexibility in working hours.

In addition, Remuneration is a point of dissatisfaction for IT professionals, many complain about the low remuneration and high responsibility attached to the position. The solution would be to hire more professionals, but as everything changes so quickly, it is difficult to find professionals who have enough experience to replace them.

Dissatisfaction with working conditions is also another source of constant complaint, as many companies want to create fancy solutions without having the necessary tools for it, causing many professionals to be frustrated with the work environment.

The lack of support for new ideas in established companies is also a reason for dissatisfaction, as it is bad for a professional in any area to feel that he is not heard.


It is concluded with this scenario the pressure on professionals that causes bornout and stress at work. The dissatisfaction caused by working conditions and changing technologies make me see that it is not worth working with IT today.

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