What is Programming Language to create websites?

What is the best programming language to create websites?

What is the best programming language for websites? If I were to answer in a simple way which programming language would I use to create a website would say PHP and end of post. However this is the simple answer, the reason would be the ease of creating a system with Laravel the main framework of PHP.

But the complete answer depends on the type of site I'm going to create because depending on the type of site, other languages may be more advantageous. PHP is good at creating systems that don't need to be constantly scaled and updated and so on.

O WordPress is another good reason to create a website with PHP because it is a tool in which it is possible to create complete websites without code as I said in another post.

Creating websites with Node

Node is another programming language I would use to create a website but unlike PHP I use it for scalable websites. Sites with greater customization where PHP might not be a good choice.

Systems with a customization that PHP is not good at as it is good to use with Frameworks. For example this one has the domino it would not be possible to create this site with PHP as it does not support this type of application.

Another case where I would use Node would be applications with micro services, this type of application is also difficult to do with PHP. The microservices consists of splitting the application into several services with independent database.

Creating Websites with Python

Python is also a programming language that you would use to create a website just like PHP and node. However I usually use python only for local applications to analyze data or process something specific.

Well the Django the python framework has a harder learning curve than PHP's Laravel. Also the documentation is not intuitive and easy not helping the learning of the framework so I avoid using django to create websites.

But despite these difficulties that I mentioned earlier, when understood, Django ends up being a great tool to create websites in python.

Best Programming Language to Create Websites

The best programming language has said before that it depends but it depends on the programmer who is going to program. Well, if a programmer does not know the attributes of the programming language he is using, he may end up not using it in the best way.

Any language can be used to create websites and web applications but some are more recommended for this than others. For example I have already created a site using C it worked but it is not a more specified language for this but it took some work since I had to assemble all the lib to use C.

However I wouldn't have this problem if I used a higher level programming language more recommended for this like python or node.

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