Front image of the teraiate - Floating City

Floating City “terayacht” – Pangeos

It's no secret to anyone my admiration for the offshore universe in general whether at sea or isolated on land I'm always interested in the type of life. Today browsing through my google discover I found one talking about an electric floating city.

It is magnificent to think that there is a floating city capable of sailing to any continent in the world and has its own national laws. I like this idea but it seemed like an elitist idea since the ships until then were few and the prices were super expensive. This changed with the Pandemic, which made large cruise companies sell their ships, where many were transformed into floating condominiums with more affordable prices than the millionaire alternatives.

The “terayacht” – Floating city

O Pangeos the terayacht is a designer project of a mega floating city made by the design company Lazzarini design studio🇧🇷 What most draws attention to this project is the different shape of a turtle.

The floating city is 550m long and 610m wide and offers capacity for up to 60,000 people. This is an audacious project that has a button on the pulp that allows the entry of other vessels, in addition to artificial beaches. 

The floating city was designed to navigate with electric motors that could reach 5 knots. This project has been developed since 2019 by Lazzarini design studio and intends to get it off the ground soon at a shipyard in Saudi Arabia.


  • Front image of the teraiate - Floating City
  • Image shows the teraiate seen behind the floating city
  • The side arms of the floating structure offer 19 private villas and 69 apartments on each side of the floating city.
  • the lower space houses 30,000 skylar compartments made to not sink.
  • With a draft of 30 meters, the gigantic hull is made up of various bow mines and subdivided into several blocks.
  • ENGLISH PORTUGUESE SPANISH PORTUGUESE ENGLISH SPANISH Source text Pangeos extends its length by 550 meters and measures 610 meters at its widest point (the wings). if realised, the turtle-shaped vessel will become the world's largest floating structure ever built Pangeos extends its length by 550 meters and measures 610 meters at its widest point (the wings). if realised, the turtle-shaped vessel will become the world's largest floating structure ever built
  • View from the main area
  • View from the main area
  • top view
  • open view
  • view from the marina
  • marina
  • leisure area on the terrace
  • 72 leisure spaces on the terrace.
  • the hull of the city
  • the side wing villas
  • the wings
  • The Villages of the Wings
  • Underside view of the floating city's hull
  • The descriptive design of the project.
  • The floating city is equipped with 9 electric motors. Each engine is capable of producing 16800hp and is powered by multiple internal power sources.
  • design of villas with terrace and swimming pool.
  • city villages
  • Central command cabin of the city
  • Top view of the city next to a yacht.
  • Top view of city navigation next to a yacht
  • front view of the city navigating.
  • Top view of the city's inner harbor.
  • Top view of the entire city.


What did I think of the floating city?

I always like new things and different things, but I put this project in the field of science fiction because there are so many things that I haven't seen before that I don't even believe it's real to do. However, if they find someone who is willing to finance this project, it will be interesting to see it put into practice.

What enchants me most about this project is the possibility of a city that can navigate around. However, there are some questions I ask, will this city be able to travel in the open ocean, can it withstand the waves? And sailing through the poles will it be able to withstand the difference in temperature?

In summary, I liked the project and would like it to be successful in its challenges, which are not few, so that we can see more projects of this type.

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