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Labor Calculator: Calculate termination, pro-labore and FGTS

Meet the Labor Calculator App, an app is a complete tool for anyone who needs to calculate labor values in Brazil. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, the application allows users to calculate termination, pro-labore and FGTS values.

In this sense, when entering information such as gross salary, contract start date and end date, users can automatically calculate the amounts to be paid in case of termination, including vacation, 13th salary, prior notice, FGTS fine and other expenses. In addition, the application also offers up-to-date information on FGTS rates and other labor charges.

To calculate pro-labore amounts, users need to enter information about the total amount of pro-labore, taxes paid, INSS rate, and other information. With this data, the application automatically calculates the amount to be paid in pro-labore. However, the labor calculation application also offers information and guidance on Brazilian labor laws, helping users to understand their rights and duties. Users can access useful information on labor issues, such as vacations, 13th salary, prior notice, FGTS fine, pro-labore and other expenses.

However, I had to hire an accountant to do the termination calculation as it wasn't as simple as I thought and several complaints had arisen.

In January 2023 I rebuilt the backend of the App in Golang, even though it was originally built with Angular and Laravel on the backend. There is a mobile version available on google play and a web PWA.

Labor Calculator Calculations

  1. Labor Termination Calculation.

    O Labor termination calculation allows the clt worker to calculate severance pay of the employment relationship. In this sense, it is possible to carry out several simulations of termination of the employment contract to find out what the amount to be received will be depending on the reason for termination.

    • Dismissal without just cause

      When dismissal occurs without just cause, it is possible to simulate how much a worker will earn when fired. However, this calculation is more complex than the app's simulations because it has several conditions that can increase the amount received, such as the FGTS fine of 40%.

    • Dismissal with Just Cause

      This is the simplest calculation among termination calculations, as it only involves the days worked in the last month the worker was fired.

    • Resignation

      This simulation is in relation to the worker who resigned, it is the middle ground of the previous calculations. However, this principal does not entitle the FGTS or the fine in case of dismissal during the probationary period.

  2. Pro-labore calculation

    Calculation of pro-labore allows the managing partner of a company to simulate pro-labore.

    Thus, in the calculation, the user enters the gross salary and the system calculates how much he will pay for INSS, income tax and how much the income tax deduction will be, if any.

  3. Calculate FGTS

    At the FGTS calculation, the worker can calculate the accumulated amount in the FGTS balance over a period of x months. However, based on the base salary, the app will inform the amount deducted monthly and the accumulated total.

    Remembering that it is only possible to withdraw the FGTS in specific cases, such as the acquisition of a home, retirement, public calamity, death, among others.

  4. Unemployment insurance

    Unemployment insurance It is a right that workers have when the reason for termination is within the government's criteria, which can reach a ceiling of R$1,911.84. However, to calculate unemployment insurance in the app is very simple, just follow the instructions.

Screenshot of the Labor Calculator App

  • The main screen of the labor calculator app shows the current minimum wage, the 10 professions with the highest salaries.
  • FGTS calculation you add the salary and numbers of months the app calculates the total accumulated in the last.
  • In the image, the pro-labore calculation is represented with it, just inform the gross salary that will return the net value and all discounts such as income tax and inss.
  • Labor termination.


In short, the application Labor Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to deal with labor issues in Brazil. With accurate and reliable termination, pro-labore and FGTS calculations, as well as useful information about Brazilian labor laws, the application helps users save time and money. If you need to calculate labor values, the labor calculation app is definitely an option worth checking out.

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