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Which Information Technology course has the least math?

the field of Information Technology (IT) It is vast and constantly evolving. There are many options for courses in the area, from programming to information security. However, for many students, math can be a barrier to entering an IT course. In this article, we're going to explore which IT courses require the least math.

Before we start, it's important to point out that mathematics is fundamental to IT, as many concepts and algorithms are based on mathematical foundations. However, some IT courses require more math than others.

Systems Analysis and Development Course (ADS)

Systems analysis course

O ADS aims to train professionals capable of analyzing, designing, developing and implementing information systems. Although it is an IT course, the math required is relatively simple, such as basic calculus, algebra and statistics. However the main focus of the course is on programming and programming logic.

Information Technology Management (GTI)

Management Information Technology

O GTI is a course that focuses on the management of IT projects and teams. Although mathematics is important for decision-making, the course does not require a great deal of mathematical knowledge. Disciplines cover project management, IT governance, business strategies, administration and leadership.

Technology in Computer Networks

Computer networking course.

THE Technology in Computer Networks aims to train qualified professionals to install, configure and maintain servers and computer networks. Although some math subjects are required, such as calculus and linear algebra, the main focus of the course is on practical subjects, such as installing networks, configuring routers and switchers, and troubleshooting computer networks.

Internet Systems course

Internet systems.

Systems for internet is focused on the development of systems and applications for the internet. Although mathematics is important for the development of algorithms and programming logic, the course subjects do not require a great deal of mathematical knowledge. The disciplines are focused on web programming, interface design, database, e-commerce, among others.


You don't need math to work with technology. There are several areas where you can work with technology. There are courses in systems analysis and development, administration of computer networks that allow configuring networks in addition to IT management to manage technology teams.

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