Pictures of the sky transmission line.

Nonconformist crowd cries in the open

Non-conformists the crowd screams and cries for the death of the queen without believing they scream for justice they implore they do not believe that this happened. So young, so full of life, at the height of wisdom, no one believes that a line will make its way to the end. 

 Tragic outcome of a brilliant path full of brilliance. God save the queen who at her peak met her end, God save the queen who your son waits for you

Another ordinary day like any other without noticing again a stone falls from the sky taking a star for a common human error just like every day this time the light of another star goes out.

However reality is cruel, wild and unfaithful with the desired destiny for you cancel all plans and underneath the cloths it leaves a bitter sweet taste in the mouth. 

Everyone wonders why her? why like that? And as far as possible, the nation gains strength to carry on with life. 

Years go by and its noise and legacy is still heard as if it were still alive. And as life goes on, I write this text to remember who we will not forget.

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