Do you know Mastercard cards?

Mastercard has several cards with different benefits, I've summarized some of these benefits in this story. check out!.

Standard Card

The standard card is the simplest card and it doesn't have many services that it offers. The only interesting service it offers is Mastercard Surprise, which offers points on purchases.

Gold Card

The Gold Card is the most common card it offers, in addition to the Mastercard surprise, purchase price protection and extended warranty.

Mastercard Platinum

Mastercard Platinum is a card with a lot of benefits such as Concierge, car insurance, Priceless, among others, aimed at people who like to travel.

Mastercard Black

Mastercard Black is the card with the most benefits they have the same benefits as the platinum card with 2 other insurances such as ATM theft and luggage loss.

This was a little of the Mastercard cards, enter the link below and check out the text I wrote on my blog that talks more clearly about the subject.