Do you know PWA?

PWA is a way to build frontend apps that run directly in the browser without needing an app store.

PWA emerged from a natural process in the form of web development over the years since adopting javascript to html5.

How did PWA come about?

The PWA works as a native app, it can run offline, despite being a web app, it has push notifications, it runs in the background, it has a splash screen when you open the app.

How does PWA work?

Main features

The main features of Progressive Web Application besides the fact that it looks like a native app is:






The performance being the web application the performance of the PWA app is usually better than the native one except in the case of apps that need to do a lot of calculations like games.


These are a little of what PWA is as it came about, some of the characteristics and permanence to know more information please see the full post on my blog, see the link below.