Top 10 Will Smith Films

He's the legend, he's a bad boy, he's saved the world from several alien invasions, he's the hero, he's Will Smith. See the 10 best will smith movies.

Despite the recent slip during the Oscars, Will Smith has a long and successful career, here I will talk about some of them.

MIB men in Black

In Men in Black Will Smith plays agent J. an agent responsible for supervising all aliens hiding on earth.

Looking for happiness

Based on true events, the search for happiness is a film that tells the story of Chris, a man experiencing difficulties abandoned by his wife who has to take care of his young son.

I steal

In I, Robot Will Smith plays Detective Del Spooner, a robot-hating police officer who is assigned a mission to investigate a conspiracy made by robots.

I'm the Legend

In I am legend will smith plays the last survivor of a pandemic that turns humans into monsters that devour other humans

The Shark Scarer

Shark Scarer will smith gives life to Oscar a fish who becomes a celebrity after lying about the death of a shark.

Independence Day

The film tells the story of an alien invasion that wipes out the main cities of the world and it's up to Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith) and David Levinson (Jeff Coldblum) to save the world.

bad boys

In Bad Boys Will Smith plays Mike Lowrey a police officer with the help of Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) will have to solve a case and theft of heroin.


In the movie John Hancock (Will Smith) is a superhero who has unlimited strength and super speed, his weakness is love.

Hitch: Love Counselor

In the movie Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) is an anonymous doctor of love who teaches men to conquer women he meets a journalist who doesn't believe in this kind of business.

enemy of the state

In the film Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith), he is placed in the middle of a plot involving political crime and murder.

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