How Much Programming Experience Does It Take To Become An Expert Developer?

Today it is hard and easy find a job with developer looks contradictory but is reality for me. Maybe be a lack of knowledge about the hiring process on my part or really a problem with job market.

Every time a new interview, a new “no thanks“, must have a secret to be hired or the unique way is know someone inside the business.? College isn’t case when is about technology you go out and everything is outdated college also doesn’t have the necessary depth to learn programming and some language programming.

Sometimes think in change job find some other type job where i can see the sea and have peace in my mind without worry me with lose the job. But i like to programming and participate a team make a software where the people can use and solve your life and your problem and that’s why I like programming.

To be able to work as a developer you need relevant experience, but how can you have relevant experience if it don’t have vacancies for those who don’t have experience? So i will highlight 3 necessary things that every programmer needs to have in addition to relevant experience.

Project published on github

Just as a scientist needs to have articles published, a programmer needs to have projects published on github and have a good reputation on stackoverflow. It’s not enough just to have projects published on github you need to have relevant projects and that’s not an easy thing to have, but it’s not impossible because many people have.

A relevant project needs to solve a problem and help others in the community a good idea can be a relevant project on github . Updating and maintaining the project is one of the requirements of have a relevant project on github create a relevant project or contribute to some can help get a job as a developer.

Make a contribution to github is important so that potential hirers can see your code and how you write your program. It is necessary to know how much programming knowledge a developer has and how many languages he can develop.

Be an developer Present

You need be in meetups about programming meet new people make networking and make another people know who are you.  If you don’t show you self and don’t be present possible hires will not find you for new jobs.

Get the attention from hires be persistent in this case the linked is a great tool that allows you to meet new people and exchange knowledge. However create a good profile, make connections, give constructive feedback and interact in linked posts so you will gain relevance on the platform.

Be present is hard, is uncomfortable, sometimes confusing and frightening but in the end the result is rewarding. We do interviews every day we get a lot of “no” sometimes we are humiliated although he question is: When is it time to throw it all away and give up learning a profession or just give up on life?

Being present is of fundamental importance in the programming area that suffers from high competition and where professionals are easily discarded. So it’s necessary to make a difference to have what others don’t have, which is extremely difficult.

Make your Own Business

When all ports are closed, you need to open new ports, otherwise, you need to create a new company or workgroup. But it is not always possible and so we continue in the saga of the eternal search or stuck in our own insufficiency.

It isn’t easy start a new business you have think in all aspect about your business and everything depends you. As a developer you need to design your app thinking about a way to monetize in the short, medium or long term.

Sometimes you have an idea but you don’t know how to sell it it is hard. But the harder is stay stopped because the time is intolerant and aggressive to who stay stopped.

You will launch your application and nobody will access it, it is normal that this is part of the evolution process of a technology entrepreneur. Today this is my status and launched my application and i don’t know how sell and nobody access it and i believe this my fault.

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