Secret Ingredient Chocolate Cake

The Secret Ingredient

Remember that chocolate cake your grandmother used to make as a child every year to celebrate your birthday. Ideniably it had the secret ingredient you don't find in any other chocolate cake.

You eat other cakes and the taste is not the same, you feel that something is missing. Tmaybe probably uA secret ingredient like a part of you disappears when you eat a piece of cake.

After all, the experience of eating a chocolate cake made by your grandmother's hands may bring you nostalgia. That's why you don't mind going there to buy and pay for the ingredients, you never know when the last time she will make another special cake like this will be.

That special essence is what the cake is missing when looking for the puzzle pieces in the recipes looking for how to make that cake. Çcertainly hoping it has that special taste now more than special since your grandma is no longer here to make you another cake.

The secret ingredient that is grandma's love present on every birthday. Although today you miss it and look back with an air of regret for not having appreciated it so much.

Somewhere she rests in peace you thank her for all the cakes she made for all the birthdays she gave you when you were a kid.

secret ingredient Antônia Conceição Rocha
In memory of Antonia da Conceição Rocha
21/12/1918 – 05/01/2019

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