To live it takes courage

Nowadays it is very difficult to live with our own frustrations of situations created by ourselves. It is difficult to live with the inner self. It's hard to live with the silence of the innocent and the deafening noise of the guilty in a world where our shadows put all frustrations on ourselves.

It's hard to go out on the street and carry the weight of the condemned even with the clean soul of a baby. It's not easy to look back and not repeat the same steps towards the inner abyss of our loneliness.

Because it's so hard to help our sorrows and lay down with the purity of a new day. How difficult it is to choose right from wrong without judgment without distinction of what is or is not fact.

Only those who carry the weight know how difficult it is not being able to do anything or do everything and not do anything and keep everything in the same place. It's suffocating to know that every day is the same and the same as what it once was, one hour gets tired and the old becomes old again with no time to live and feel pleasure.

I don't have any certainty because I have several interests because I have some pain and disappointment I have to distribute and keep. I hope that everything changes even though every day is the same day and I continue to suffer in the same way.

My pain is not better than anyone else's I'm not better than anyone else but why live if you don't feel alive. Life is a circus and I'm the clown making goth pigs laugh, I'm the crushed orange pomace, I'm the last cookie in the bag.

Can you continue to live like this without hope of better days, can you live like this trapped in loneliness? Can you continue like this on the edge of the abyss hoping to have the courage to jump?

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