♻️ Life Cycle: Born, Grow, Reproduce and Die

Cycle of Life, When we are children they force us to go to school and teach a lot of shit they say that we are all equal before the law and that God exists. Soon they teach us obedience without questioning but everything they teach us at 7 years old ends up proving a lie with each passing day.

We get desperate and we call for God and he never appears we are wronged, we are murdered and we die begging for help. Certainly civil disobedience, tax evasion and piracy also begin to be part of our life as a protest.

life cycle of a couple
Image of the life cycle of a couple

When we are born everything is perfect the world is almost always colorful very magical without pain or suffering. Almost a carnal fantasy where a before and after are just a distinct illusion that seems to be light years away.

Your only obligations are eating and sleeping is so magical that 99% of the memories of that moment are thrown away and the other 1% are corrupted. Eventually transformed into false memories that make your experience of that moment always marked in your memory but never understood by you.

Life Cycle: Growing

Around the age of 3 we started to understand life, we live the most perfect moment of ours when we have all and complete magic of birth. So with the clarification of the knowledge itself shared to peers if you have it.

This is the last time you have contact with magic and from there your life really starts the colors go down one by one with each passing year and you start to have prices and obligations that didn't exist before.

a man's life cycle
Image of the life cycle of a man

Some are born to die and some are born, grow and die, some are born, grow, reproduce and die, some reproduce before they grow. Since others grow to reproduce the order is not clear but there is no way to be.

The order does not matter but for “SOCIETY” it seems to matter a lot and exclude all that do not fit. The order they think is perfect of being born, growing, reproducing and dying as if we were plants that suffer only from the action of time and climate.

We are raised to serve a leader from childhood we are taught to obey without question and those who do not obey are put in the cramped cell with 200 more who also did not obey. After all, the rules are unfair, created by the unfair to privilege the unfair. So when you turn 18 the magic of your birth no longer exists, the colors are already black and white.

To die

Your head will already be so confused that you will look for a way out in drugs to get rid of the world and seek peace. But you will try to fight the tide that always puts you behind in the last place in line.

When choosing to fight against the tide the unjust will pretend to help and always thinking of ways to favor themselves. But the unjust control the machine they speak in the name of the Saints will always have the unjust in their path.

grow old and die It's always the grayest moment someone can get whoever is born in any world, be it colored, blue, white, black, pink, green. Although one hour you will see your world totally gray and that will be the saddest moment you will ever reach.

Because you've reached the end of your path. So you faced many disappointments from the happy moment until you got here at the saddest moment of your life, the end of your life cycle.

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