Sooria When the world makes you cry: Smiley Face

? Smile when the world makes you cry

Rejoice, smile and always be positive because one day the pain will pass. Look at the sky and see how beautiful the day is today, don't stop for any problem that comes your way, otherwise you'll never be able to move on.

The world is cruel and bloodthirsty made up of petty people who are incapable of understanding others. Don't despair if it's not your time because those who wait know how to enjoy it. Always smile because a smile opens doors, never treat them like you wouldn't want to be treated.

Always enjoy the little happy moments because you never know when they will be the last. Know how to admire the beauty and the people who are always with you because they are the ones who know you.

Don't repress crying because repressed crying is bad, cry because rainy days are also good and are part of life. On the other hand, always ignore those who say it goes wrong. Ignore those who do it wrong. Keep your distance from these people.

They will try to want to put you within metrics and standards that they think you should fit in, but resist, don't accept change to be accepted, they will have to change to accept you as you are.

Smile When the world makes you cry: Image shows brown and white car that has eyes of different colors smiling.
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Smile at the world because a smile eliminates tension and makes everything more pleasant and say yes to life while living the world doesn't care about frowning.

Don't forget to smile when the day starts because no matter when things get bad they can always get worse. When you go to sleep, think about the good things that happened to you, focus on them because positivity brings positivity.

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