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Black Friday or Black Fraud?

Every year in November there is Black Friday or Black Friday, the day of discounts and promotions in the trade. This discount day originated in the United States and is always the day after the Thanksgiving holiday.

In Brazil, Black Friday started in 2010 completely online and since then the event has become popular with each passing year. Each year that passes, Black Friday has a sales record and is already on the official date of the Brazilian trade calendar.

However, as membership grew, so did fraud and scams that negatively marked the event. On Black Friday, it had the first mass membership in Brazil and also had the record for fraud for the first time. Shopkeepers raised product prices in the weeks leading up to Friday discounts.

When a shopkeeper tries to deceive the consumer by raising prices before the day of promotions, I sell for half the price. After all, he is losing because a consumer who feels aggrieved will do negative marketing, which is bad for the retailer.

Every year, the term #backfraud appears on Twitter, where consumers who feel cheated or have suffered scams expose their experiences on Twitter. However, every year price comparison sites create special pages to compare Black Friday prices.

Black Friday or Black Fraud? Most Common Scams

  1. Be Careful With Credit Cards

    Whether in virtual commerce or physical commerce, credit card It is one of the most stolen data. However, be careful with your data, keep the 3 numbers on the back of your credit card in a very safe place and scrape to erase.

    In physical purchases always keep an eye on your credit card and always check that the credit card is yours after completing the purchase. However, in preference to credit card to debit in online shopping.

  2. Fake Websites

    Before finalizing any purchase you need to make sure the website is really what you are accessing. After all scammers sites the site can present the visual identity of a famous company but the url cannot be that company.

    If you don't know the online store Always check if the website has a physical address, CNPJ and if the website has complaints and recommendations

  3. Discounts that don't exist

    When receiving an email or seeing an ad and accessing the website, the price is higher and the discount does not exist. Some sites this price only appears when paying if a consumer is inattentive ends up paying more than advertised.


The Procons and Public Ministry are keeping an eye on abusive prices and scams and crimes committed within the framework of Black Friday. However the Procon-SP made available a list of more than 120 companies that are unreliable and should be avoided.

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