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Mastercard Cards: Standard, Gold, Platinum and Black

Mastercard has credit cards with exclusive services built into the card there are 4 different types of card. Which are made for customers with a basic consumption profile to customers with a more advanced consumption profile.

Mastercard Cards

Mastercard has been striving to offer the best to its customers, Logo has loyalty service and 24/7 assistance for customers all over the world.

O Mastercard Surprise is a loyalty service built into the cards is not as good in my view as the services offered by banks. However, it is always good to have and accumulate them to exchange them for discounts at partner stores.

First of all, Mastercard is making important partnerships to expand the use of the card for payment on buses, payments via cell phone and to use the cards as a personal identification in place of the rg.

Mastercard has solutions for  credit, debit and multiple in addition to cards with proximity technology. As well as working with fintechs and the BC to have new forms of digital payments.

In addition, Mastercard also encourages fintech that use cryptocurrencies  as base currency and also it works on its own cryptocurrency solution.

Standard Mastercard Cards

The Standard card is the most basic of the 4 cards, but this card is recommended for customers who use the card only for simple purchases.

Included Services

  • Mastercard Global Service
  • Mastercard Surprise

Mastercard Gold Cards

Gold is a card also designed for buyers as it offers insurance for all products purchased using the card and it also offers discounts at partner stores with the Surprise Points program.

However, this card has Price Protection Insurance if you buy a product and find a cheaper product within 30 days. However, in this case, the minimum value is certainly 50$, purchases valid only in Brazil and on Brazilian websites.

This card also has Purchase Protection Insurance that protects against product damage and theft for a period of up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

Original Extended Warranty is another service included in this card that extends the warranty of purchased products for a period of up to 1 year.

Included Services

  • Mastercard Surprise
  • Mastercard Global Service
  • Price Protection Insurance
  • Purchase Protection Insurance
  • Original Extended Warranty

Mastercard Platinum

Platinum is a card designed for travelers if you are looking to travel the world then I present you your card. Since it offers all the services and advantages that a traveler needs.

This card is accepted all over the world it gives access to Mastercard surprise which is Mastercard's loyalty program and also gives access to Priceless Cities of Mastercard a service that offers experiences, activities, shows all over the world.

In other words, this card entitles you to Medical Travel Insurance a very useful insurance in case an accident happens during a trip. Therefore I recommend reading the contract carefully as it has some rules and conditions to be entitled to insurance.

Second we have the Master Auto Insurance  insurance that if I had this card I wouldn't use it since I don't drive. However, a designated driver is also covered by insurance so it is worth having this insurance on hand on a trip.

In conclusion we have the Mastercard Platinum Concierge  a service that offers a 24/7 assistant to help with various aspects of your trip. Some of the services that the concierge offers are travel organization and planning, entertainment search, services and information, among others.


Mastercard Platinum has many customer services all geared towards the traveler. However To find out, visit the Mastercard website and learn about all the services and benefits of Mastercard Platinum.

Mastercard Black

Mastercard Black is also a card designed for travelers, however this card brings more benefits to those who have money and don't want to waste time. However it has all the services that other cards have but it offers extra services for the customers.

In this sense, this card offers 2 interesting insurances that do not exist in other cards, which is the ATM robberies. as well as insurance luggage loss which covers the costs of damage from delays and lost baggage.


This card has many services including VIP airport services, hotel rooms and much more. Visit the website of Mastercard Black.

How to get a Mastercard card?

Just look for one of the partner banks and request your mastercard credit card. Subject to credit approval.

How to use Mastercard Surprise Points?

It works like this: you choose what you want to buy in the program window surprise. change your spots by the voucher and make the purchase of the product. At the time of purchase, you will find the field ÔÇťinsert your voucherÔÇŁ or ÔÇťchange your voucherÔÇŁ.

What is Mastercard card?

Mastercard is a digital payment processing company with a worldwide presence.

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