Cryptocurrencies payment method

Today we have a lot of discussion about cryptocurrencies, many critics say that these technologies are used by criminals in order to commit crimes. As others say it is a fad that will end the bursting of a financial bubble.

Perhaps cryptocurrencies are not the technology that will change the way of making payments, but without a doubt these technologies can bring great innovations to the world's financial systems. Today Bitcoin and Ethereum are 2 currencies that are strong in the market and both bring innovations that bring more security to those who use it.

However, bitcoin is an older technology than Ethereum, but it keeps all transaction history, making it impossible for anyone to tamper with this information. Since Ethereum has the advantage of creating autonomous contracts and tokens, greatly increasing Ethereum Applications.

The most used payment method today is credit card but the flags of credit card are already studying new payment methods. As well as RFID wristbands and mobile payment, who knows, maybe one day we will have commercial establishments accepting Ethereum or even Bitcoin.

However, there is a huge challenge for a commercial establishment to accept cryptocurrency. But it is believed that in the future governments will create their own cryptocurrencies as cryptocurrencies do not spend huge money on escort, printing and etc.

Are we entering a new era where money will be digital? In short, we are living in an era of fads that will result in a major global financial crisis. However, there is only one way to know that is to wait and see what will happen.

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