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Felipe Mateus' microblog on November 17, 2017, I launched a short text sharing system where I write my sentences of up to 200 characters.

However, in addition to publishing on my website, the microblog also publishes on twitter. This system allows me to choose a face for each post and the homepage is a timeline.

Some prints of the first version

Microblog Home
Home page
Microblog Writing Text Page
Page to publish content

Microblog Version 2

In the new version of my microblog I used angular to do the front of the system however I passed the site to the firebase  from google and the database to the firestore.

In this sense, I kept the sources awesome and face of the previous version and besides disabling the module that takes the URL of the post text. As has the ngx-sharebuttons which generates buttons for sharing on social networks.

This new version has a notification system in which it sends to the browser of the follower who accepts to receive notifications of new pots. The data is saved in the browser but every time the user opens it it loads everything again. 

Some prints of the second version

version 2 home page
Home Page
Microblog version 2 Writer Page
Content Write Page
version 2 Post Page
Page where the publication is displayed

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