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? Dominoes Game Meet the Online Multiplayer game

Today I started to make a multiplayer online domino game made in html5 I'm using the Dice font to make the dots representing the domino numbers.

However, the biggest challenge is undoubtedly making the node script that will run on the server. Because this script is giving me work because it will be responsible for doing all the control of the game.

He will see whose turn it is to play if someone is cheating, as well as if someone has won, folded, etc. However all these possibilities need to be dealt with otherwise the game is left with a lot of holes.

domino game
Game Image 05/31/2017
domino source code
Server Code Image 05/31/2017

Creating the Pass Time Function

Today I added the function to pass the turn, this function will be used whenever the player does not have the card in hand to play. Because if a player uses the pass the turn having the card, he can run the risk of losing the game. Because whoever manages to get all their cards on the board first wins.

However, I also created a token where it signals the player when it's his turn to play. Especially when it's not the turn to choose options are disabled. However, if the player chooses a card that is not allowed, the border will turn red, signaling that it is an incorrect move.

Dominoes waiting for players
Game Image 01/06/2017

Token Upgrade

Today I improved the game token so that it is clear to all players whose turn it is in the game. So I put 4 colored boxes in the statistics area with radio in order to show who has the token. In this sense I also put a message that will be shown when a player manages to place all the cards on the board.

game running
Game Image 02/06/2017

domino game reset

Today 11/03/2017 I made a change in the domino code now when a user closes the section the game automatically restarts and displays the message “Waiting for players”. As well as I put it online on the web the address is at the end of this post.

I updated the project inspired by the source code of my microblog. Because it is done in angular, it uses the typescript library so I passed the source code of this project to typescript.

Update on 12/24/2020

Today 12/20/2020 I updated the project front code adding SystemJS and a modal when asking for the username. I also modified the backend code to run with eslint.

Play and Test Dominoes

To install and test the game just install using the command below.

$ npm i domino-game -g $ domino-game

To test the Game use the link below.

Play now  download

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