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Information Technology 5 Reasons to Study

Studying information technology may be an easy choice for tech junkies, but it's not a simple choice. Well, you can choose a course, spend time and money and arrive halfway through the course and find that you don't like it.

That was my case. I studied Information Systems, a course aimed at the business world, the course started well. However, when he arrived in the middle of the course, some things appeared that he did not like, that was when he gave up on the course.

If you are a technology fanatic like me and are still in doubt if you will study technology. So today I will present you 5 reasons to study information technology.

1. Shortage of Information Technology professionals

This is the main reason for studying information technology due to the shortage of professionals in the job market. In addition, the scarcity makes the remuneration of professionals who work with IT quite high.

The Brazilian IT market has a deficit huge of professionals and this deficit becomes more and more evident with the pandemic where the digitization process accelerated. In which naturally these professionals are most required to correct problems and speed up deployment of new systems.

2. Lack of qualified professionals

This reason complements the previous one, the market needs qualified professionals because the IT area demands that the professional is studying continuously. In other words, technology changes very fast and all the knowledge that has been acquired for a while is no longer enough and you will have to learn all over again.

In addition, companies want professionals who know everything about technology. This is impossible, since the ability to quickly learn new technologies is what makes a good IT professional

The lack of qualified professionals also comes from companies. In which they often make demands that are not compatible with the type of professional they are looking for.

Hence the importance of human resources companies that make the connection between professionals and managers of the companies making the perfect match.

3. IT is not regulated

Although many people don't know it, the IT area is not regulated in Brazil and this is a great advantage when looking for a job. As a result, it is not necessary to be registered in professional associations to work with information technology. This means that anyone even without formal studies can work with IT

The characteristics of this area make any type of regulation complicated as this can increase the shortage of professionals.

It is common for large technology companies to require professionals to have completed higher education to limit the demand for vacancies. Since large companies technology is the dream of most IT professionals

4. Expansion of the Labor Market

If the shortage of professionals and the lack of qualified professionals were not enough, the IT market is expanding. And Currently Large companies, after the peak of the crisis in May 2020, are hiring IT professionals to meet the demand caused by the crisis.

The Home Office will be a trend and a reality for the sector and with it comes opportunities to do new business and grow professionally. in fact the your area is the fastest growing nowadays many new professions that did not exist 10 years ago are becoming more and more common in the job market.

Information Security and business intelligence (BI) are the 2 areas of information technology that are hiring the most today.

5. Information Technology Is Awesome

Working with technology is amazing, you work with what you like and end up having fun and not seeing the time pass. In addition, you can work with emerging technologies that have not yet come to market.

You can balance personal and professional life in addition to being able to work from home. The technology area is the one that had the most professionals working from home before this became common because of the pandemic. 

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