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Technology Market Professions for the New Year.

Happy New Year, considering that we are at the end of the year 2022, I come to bring professions from the technology market to 2023. So in this post I will show some technology professions from 2023 and also some courses.

  1. technology market 
  2. technology professions
    1. Programmer 
    2. machine learning
    3. Web designer
    4. Digital marketing
    5. cybersecurity
Technology Market

technology market

The technology market currently in the short-term scenario is experiencing a small crisis, the opposite moment of a few years ago the pandemic. Where companies, mainly startups, were hiring employees, today the moment is opposite for all sectors that experienced a boom during the pandemic period.

However, in the long term, the scenario is very optimistic for the technology sector, since technology streamlines processes and makes tasks performed by humans easier. In this sense, the technology market is expanding with new professions emerging all the time and new demands as well.

Some time ago I spoke about 5 reasons to study Information Technology and there he said that IT is incredible and there is a lack of qualified professionals in the market. This is the main problem in the area today, poor qualification and lack of adequate processes in companies.

Technology Professions

New year coming up, how about starting the year with a new profession, here I have separated technology professions for the year 2023.

System programmer


The Programmer is a professional who creates software of the most varied types and sizes for professional or personal computers. Programmer is also known as software engineer and systems developer.

A Programmer works on the demands of software maintenance and development, for which he is dedicated to holding daily meetings to define an action plan. Programmers act in the creation of applications, websites, computer programs, data collection and so on.

A programmer's salary varies greatly depending on the type of technology and the programmer's experience, ranging from R$4 thousand to R$25 thousand.

To become a programmer there is simple as the IT area is not regulated anyone can enter and work with IT However I separated here some short ones for those who are interested.

machine learning
3d rendering robot learning or machine learning with education hud interface

machine learning

Another area that promises to boom in 2023 is machine learning, which is machine learning that is a system that changes behavior based on history. Examples of the use of this technology are in the cell phone broker, in the content recommendation.

Machine learning is not something new, but demand has grown in recent years in the technology market. The growth occurred mainly because companies want to know the consumption pattern of their customers in order to sell more.

The approaching New Year could be an opportunity as this area is on the rise and will continue into 2023.

Web Designer Website design

Web designer

The Web Designer is a specialist who is responsible for making the aesthetic and functional design of internet sites. The Web Designer creates a page thinking about navigability, usability, accessibility and user interaction with the page.

In 2023 Web Designer will be a profession that will be on the rise with strong demand for pages, so it is also a professional who is in great demand at the beginning of the application development cycle before the developer starts.

The salary of a web designer ranges from R$1500 to R$3500 for beginners and can go from R$10 thousand for the most experienced.

digital marketing

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the promotion of products and companies through digital tools, having today as the main way of communicating directly with the customer. Digital marketing is mainly done through social networks, but it can also be used through email, blogs and websites and other platforms.

A digital marketing professional will use Digital Marketing strategies to position themselves in the best possible way. It is one of the hottest professions in the technology market and tends to grow as there are more people and companies on the internet.

In digital marketing, a professional earns a salary ranging from R$3500 to R$7000, depending on the level of experience.


An information security specialist is a professional who works on application data security. It tests the application in order to leak data or exploit a security hole.

This is a critical area in companies today, as well as programmers, there is a huge shortage of information security professionals in the IT market.

Large companies today invest heavily in this area as it can avoid losses with payment of indemnity to customers. With this, cybersecurity professionals act to solve all the company's information security problems.

Salaries for cybersecurity professionals start at R$10 thousand and can reach R$ 30 thousand. Start the year in the profession that large companies most value today, take a look at some information security courses.

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