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Create a website right now

Do you already have a website? Why not? Create a website right now because a website is your home on the internet and where you will customize it to your liking and make people know you better.

At first the internet was full of personal blogs but with the emergence of social networks blogs were losing space. Nowadays telling someone to create a website sounds crazy but a website doesn't say more about you than a standardized social network profile.

A good reason to create a blog is engagement because content producers on social media need to enter an auction. While in blogs the competition is for the best response time and best content for a keyword.

However, I see social networks more as marketing tools than content distribution tools with the exception of youtube that can do both. Besides, if your content is not video, the best thing to do is create a blog.

Create a Professional Website

Create a professional website to show your portfolio, to connect with potential customers to have all the information about your business. Everyone should create a website to show what they do, whether a carpenter, accountant, lawyer, etc.

A website must be clear in its proposal to talk about the professional and his experience, show portfolio, customer testimonials, and must have a contact area either by email or phone.

A good website must have a good design but that alone doesn't sell, you need to have content that catches the customer's attention. However, the combination of the 2 that will make you sell is no use having good content without a good designer and vice versa.

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So how to create a website?

Now that we talk about the importance, let's talk about how to create a website. There are platforms that can help you in creating your website. However, some of these platforms are free and others have affordable plans.

  1. a site with wix
  2. a blog with wordpress
  3. an online store with shopify
  4. a virtual store with integrated store

1. Create a website with wix

wix logo

the wix is a website building platform where you can create websites from scratch using ready-made templates. On the other hand with wix it is possible to create modern and complex website with a few clicks and self hosted you will not have hosting and maintenance costs.

If you need a cheap website with low maintenance, wix can be the solution as the basic plan costs only R$6 per month. However in wix it is not so simple to change from one template to another as you have to configure the site data again.

pros of wix

  • low cost
  • maintenance free
  • ease of use

wix cons

  • difficulty changing template
  • adverts on the free plan

2. Create a website with WordPress

wordpress logo

the wordpress is another interesting tool for those looking to create a new website because just like wix allows you to create websites on your own. However wordpress is focused on creating blogs so its tools are focused for this type of site.

There are several types of hosting in wordpress, but you always have to pay attention to the version of the plug-ins and if the plug-in has maintenance. Because it can cause incompatibility with newer versions of wordpress.

WordPress pros

  • open source support
  • easy to use seo
  • compatible with mobile devices

WordPress Cons

  • Target of hacker attacks
  • plugin instability

3. Create an online store with shopify

shopify logo

o shoPify is a platform that enables the creation of online stores and an ecommerce facilitator. However, it contains tools and integrations that facilitate online sales, in addition to being an ecommerce tool, it allows you to manage physical stores.

Shopify has 3 ways of acting: E-commerce of physical products, E-commerce of services and Dropshipping. However, Dropshipping is the most sought after form on shopify, which consists of selling products on websites without the need to have physical products stored.

the oberlo is a Dropshipping platform that allows you to sell products without having to own them, however they only sell products from China that take more than 60 days to arrive in Brazil.

Shopify Pros

  • ease of use
  • Support
  • integration with social networks

Shopify Cons

  • indexing difficulty
  • High Price
  • difficulty changing template

4. Create an online store with an integrated store

THE Integrated Store is a virtual store management platform aimed at small businesses. However, this platform is easy to use and it is possible to integrate with other sites in addition to having ready-made themes.

The biggest advantage of this platform is that it is accessible to Brazilian consumers. The initial plan is free, suitable for those who are starting a store from scratch. In this sense, it is quite suitable for those who need to create a quick and easy virtual store.

Pros of the integrated store

  • affordable price
  • ease of configuration
  • free hosting

Cons of the Integrated Store

  • Support
  • system instability
Image shows website template on tablet, computer and mobile phone.
image of Coffee Bean per Pixabay

create a good website

However, as we have seen to create a website it does not have to be a tech expert There are tools that help you create websites. But it is good if possible to have a designer to assist in the creation of the site.

Creativity and objectivity is what you need to build a good website, content that attracts your audience has a defined target audience. Soon your site will be successful, gain views and receive prominence.

Along with a good name that will grab attention and brand your new website, a good name is critical to building a good website. Because for that you will need a domain for your website and this is a subject for another post.

Finally, to create a website or blog, there are several paid and free tools that will help in this process.

Are you in need of a website?

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